High Performance Natural Skincare

100% natural

We only use the best ingredients nature has to offer – mostly raw and cold-pressed

100% Active

All ingredients have a specific purpose  to improve your skin – that means no fillers

No Chemicals

We never use chemicals, silicones, parabens or any other nonsense – only nature

Naturally Radiant skin

The FAJU high performance skincare collection is designed to support the skin to improve and heal itself. FAJU delivers results by blending botanical extracts using advanced molecular technologies. We use only active and high quality ingredients of natural origin to give you tgreat results and a healthy glow.

We combine ancient knowledge with modern technology to give you the best results for your skin. Our ingredients have been known and used by people for centuries for their beneficial and healing properties. We use modern-day scientific knowledge and processes to extract, isolate and stabilize the most potent parts of these powerful ingredients. 

FAJU means ‘to heal yourself’ in Wolof, a language spoken in West Africa where many of our raw ingredients come from. We want you to be able to heal your skin yourself by nourishing it, addressing specific skin conditions  and by protecting your skin from environmental and UV damage

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What Customers Are Saying

Soothing Serum Since I have used this product I have noticed my scars starting to reduce as well as the redness that comes with acne has decreased significantly. For almost three years my skin is inflamed and irritated by Cystic acne. Thank you very much for making such a useful and unique product, it has helped me a lot! 

– Hisham

Rejuvenating serum After using the rejuvenating serum for 4 weeks, every day, once a day, I am a fan. It is a super rich and nurturing face serum. The serum is very long lasting (because you only need 3 drops) and it makes my skin feel super soft and hydrated. It is also a great base for make-up. I can highly recommend the FAJU Rejuvenating Serum!

–  Kari

Nourishing serum This serum has been such a revelation for me. It absorbs quickly and makes your skin smooth and healthy. You don’t need to apply any other products. I love the fact that it is all based on natural ingredients chosen with care.


As seen in

VOGUE November

A-Beauty | Anno 2018 staat de  cosmeticakijker gericht op Afrika. Daar komen al baobab, prickly pear en argan vandaan, die gebruikt worden door Afrikaanse en Europese merken. Maar er zijn meer exotische werkstoffen uit: hibiscus, tigernut, kalahari melon, neem en moringa die gebruikt worden door het Nederlands-Afrikaanse merk FAJU.

Santé - September 2018

De hibiscus olie in de FAJU serums is rijk aan anti-aging amino- en alfahydroxyzuren (AHA’s). De voordelen voor de huid zijn niet te tellen: hij scrubt, hydrateert, beschermt tegen vroegtijdige veroudering en reguleert de talgproductie.

Santé - August 2018

Nourishing serum hydrateert je huid en beschermt je tegen milieuvervuiling en uv-beschadiging. 100% natuurlijk en vol actieve vitaminen, antioxidanten, essentiële vetzuren en voedingstoffen.

Het Financieel Dagblad, August, 2018

Het Nederlandse duurzame cosmetica merk FAJU skincare doneert minimaal 1% van de omzet aan goede doelen

Vogue - June 2018

De favorieten van Vogue’s beautydirector Karen van Ede. Voor ‘s nachts is er de serumolie van FAJU, een raw-cosmetics-merk met roots in Afrika. Het Soothing serum vermindert roodheid en micro ontstekingen.

Holistik - June 2018