FAJU means ‘to heal yourself’ in Wolof, a language spoken in West Africa where many of our raw ingredients come from. We want you to be able to heal your skin yourself by nourishing it, addressing specific skin conditions  and by protecting your skin from environmental and UV damage.

Just like our customers,  we value feeling good about the products we purchase, and want those products to do what they promise. This is why FAJU is committed to producing high-performance natural skincare that delivers results you can see and feel. No nonsense, no fillers, no chemicals. Only active ingredients with super-hero power. When you’ve made a conscious decision to care for your skin in a natural way, you should not have to sacrifice quality results, quite the opposite!

Because nature takes such good care of us, we are giving back by sourcing the best ingredients in an ethical and environmentally friendly way. We have also committed ourselves to donate at least 1% of our sales to non-profit organisations that work to preserve our planet.